Engine Responds To Building Fire After Transfer
By 7th District Volunteer's
September 3, 2017

On Sunday night Engine 52 transferred to Station 2 while crews operated on a house fire on Woodburn Hill Road. Shortly after Engine 52 cleared the transfer a building fire was dispatched in Charlotte Hall. Engine 52 ran the assignment with 4 personnel. Engine 1010 from Charles County arrived on the scene and located a working fire at the building. Engine 52 pulled an additional attack line in a door on side b of the building and assisted with entry on side c. Crews located a kitchen fire inside the building. The fire was extinguished crews checked for extension. Ventilation was set up and some minor overhaul was conducted. The Fire Marshals Office Investigated the incident.

Units: Chief 2, Engine 21, Engine 24, Engine 52, Engine 1010, Engine 1002, Engine 1005, engine 1001 Squad 7, Truck 7, Tower 82, Truck 1012, Ambulance 298 and Ambulance 1015