House Fire In Country Lakes
By 7th District Volunteer's
September 13, 2017

Wednesday morning at 0956 hours, Engines 2, 5, 1, Charles 2, Truck 1, Truck 7 and Squad 2 were alerted to a structure fire on West Winston Drive in Country Lakes. Engine 52 responded with 4 personnel. Chief 5A was in the Chaptico area and responded on the call. Ambulance 297 arrived and advised there was smoke showing from the house and the occupants were out. Chief 5A arrived to find a single story house with smoke showing from sides A and D. Chief 5A established the command. Engine 23 arrived with Captain 5 as thier officer and laid out from the driveway. Engine 52 picked up their line and supplied from the hydrant just up from the address. Captain 5 held the attack group while Chief 7B held the vent group. Crews quickly extinguished the fire and ventilated the residence. The fire was contained to the room of origin with no extension found. Command held the assignment with units from Stations 2, 5, and 7 and EMS 29. All other units were placed in service. SMECO and the Fire Marshals Office responded to the scene. Crews returned to quarters within 2 hours.

Units: Engine 23, Engine 52, Truck 7, Engine 72, Truck 1, Engine 1002, Engine 1014, Squad 1003, Ambulance 297 and Ambulance 598, SMECO, FM-53