Crew Assists At Hollywood House Fire
By 7th District Volunteer's
January 18, 2019

On Friday afternoon Water Supply 5 was alerted to a house fire on Sandy Bottom Road in Company 7's area. Water Supply 5 responded with three personnel and headed to the fill site. Upon arrival in the area Engine 11 had established the fill site and Water Supply 5 proceeded to the scene. The crew assisted the crews operating with extinguishing the fire and overhaul. A mayday was declared during the incident for a trapped firefighter in the basement of the house. The firefighter was removed and not injured. Accountability was completed and crews regrouped to attack the fire. Chief 5 was assigned the basement division with Engine 24. Captain 5 operated on the Bravo side on the area outside the collapse. For a full story and additional pictures visit

Units: Water Supply 5