Volunteers Respond To Working Fire In Bushwood
By 7th District Volunteers
February 15, 2021

On Monday evening at 1913 hours as members were starting weekly drill, a structure fire was dispatched on Gibson Road in Bushwood. Responding units were advised of a chimney fire with possible extension into the attic. Chief 5, Engine 52 (Chief 5A), Tanker 51, Tanker 5, Squad 5 and Water Supply all responded on the call with 22 personnel.

Chief 5 arrived on the scene and located a single story home with fire visible throughout the structure. Charles Boat 1006 was also requested to be added to the incident. All occupants of the home were out and accounted for upon arrival.
Engine 52's crew initially deployed two attack lines to the structure. As additional units arrived, additional hose lines were put in service. Four 1.75" hose lines along with a 2.5" line were utilized off Engine 52. Boat 1006 also supplied an additional 1.75" hose line.

Chief 5A and Chief 1 were both assigned to Division 1 as attack on Side Alpha of the structure while Captain 5 was assigned Side Charlie Attack. Crews from Engine 14, 23, 24 and 72 assisted with fire attack while Trucks 1 and 7 opened up the structure. Engine 93 and Squad 6 set up the RIT on Side A of the home. Water Supply 5 came to the scene and pulled a draft from the river. The water supply was established from that unit which supplied the fire ground.

During the incident, all personnel evacuated the structure after two hose lines became compromised during fire attack. Personnel backed out of the structure and once all lines were back in service transitioned back to the interior attack. Prior to the evacuation, two firefighters were transported to MedStar St. Marys Hospital by Company 59 and 19. Both were treated and released within a couple hours. The occupant of the home was also transported to the hospital for difficulty breathing.

Hughesville covered the station with an engine during the incident. The incident is being investigated by the Office of the Maryland State Fire Marshal.

Units: Chief 5, Engine 52, Tanker 51, Tanker 5, Water Supply 5
Mutual Aid: Engine 14, Truck 1, Engine 23, Engine 24, Engine 72, Truck 7, Engine 93, Squad 6, Boat 1006, Ambulance 597, 598, 599, 197, State Fire Marshals Office